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Here are 10 ways to ensure that your hotel is a profitable one:

Key Skills

On-line presence
Hotel operators have hundreds of OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to choose from. This choice offered both traditional as well as specialist OTAs. This brought forth by a seasoned Revenue Manager

Having a strong presence on the Internet is becoming increasingly important, taking into account that it enables a bigger market reach. In other words: it will help your hotel to be present at every point of the world and receive direct reservations from more people.

CRM and Loyalty marketing
For loyalty programs, communications used to focus on tangible benefits – what we call the “ER” words. That is to say, “Our program is…” ‘bigger,’ ‘better,’ ‘faster,’ ‘easier.’ These words have ceased to have meaning. Everything works now. These are the table stakes. As such, the market has changed in that consumers are demanding more

Finding the right hotel to co-promote with can really help develop your hotel along with theirs. By co-promoting your business with theirs, it’ll provide you both with good relations and more customers for each.

Public Relations
A commitment to hotel public relations will yield the long-term rewards of broader awareness, greater loyalty among customers, and enhanced image

Events and Activities
Planning Events and Activities for your guest will enable them to have a good time while potentially recommending them to their friends and family

Online advertising
Advertising can be a pain but in the end, It’s always worth it. Just like in E-Business, having a strong online presence on the internet will help you get your hotel more out there.

Retail travel agents
Finding the right travel agency with making your hotel more resourceful and be more helpful to your customers. The more you can provide you, customers, the more they will enjoy stay at your hotel and recommend your hotel to others.

Graphic designing
This is a way to show your hotel to the world. It’s an opportunity to showcase the hotel. It’s so you can make your hotel appeal to those you want to go by presenting various parts of your hotel which captivate you and your team.