Before launching into any hospitality project, it is critical to formulating a solid business plan. Ultimately this will be a requirement for any financing that may be required, so it is important to invest enough time and money in feasibility work to ensure the final direction taken can deliver the end goal.

At Lagundi Hospitality, our feasibility studies go way beyond the normal levels, looking at every possible alternative, both traditional and non-traditional. Due to the competitive nature of the hotel industry, it is necessary to be able to develop a business plan that does not follow traditional methods, a plan that can be out of the box, and look at a mixture of possible scenarios and solutions. This lateral thinking is a hallmark of Lagundi Hospitality, where often non-conventional solutions yield the best results.

Personal Advice
Often our clients have a desire or personal ambition to own a hotel and resort but don’t know where to start. At Lagundi Hospitality, we have personal experience of exactly this scenario and thus welcome the opportunity to talk with owners about their dreams and needs.

Our personal experiences and thoughts will act as the perfect sounding board for would-be owners. We have found that talking through ideas and options quickly helps our clients formulate a course of action while identifying the next steps they need to take to realize their dreams.

Management & Operations
As a mainstay of our professional hospitality services, Lagundi Hospitality provides first-class management and operations for your establishment. Our team of executives have a broad knowledge base that allows them to provide these services in such a way as to maximize cash flow and returns.

We tailor these services to match the owner’s exact requirements as we know from our own in-depth experience that each property is very different in terms of the day-to-day challenges it faces from an operations standpoint. From our own experiences as owners and investors ourselves, we have the experience to be able to fully support every eventuality.

Ease of Operations
Centralizing all operations and issues to one management company means costs are lower than single unit management. There is a shared set of accounting records and a centralized point of operations, which make it easier for us to manage. These savings are passed on to the owners. Other savings benefits come from the sharing of banking fees, administration charges and advertising costs.

Higher Occupancy
As with many other aspects, the advertising of your property with Lagundi Hospitality will be much more cost-effective and also much more rewarding in terms of occupancy. As a seasoned management and operations company we already have an extensive network of local, regional and international sales & marketing channels to ensure all units are rented out as frequently as is possible, thus increasing site occupancy and of course income for all owners.

Lower Costs
Because Lagundi Hospitality is all about delivering a high quality service experience from a limited cost base, Lagundi Hospitality help owners and operators to overcome challenges due to:

  • Lack of scale
  • Limited access to resources; physical

Due to the centralization of all its resources, we will simplify your access to a global network and reduce your cost by offering you access to flexible resources, according to your property needs.

Development & Construction Services
Once the direction for the project is set, the next phase is the execution of the plan. It is at this stage that owners often underestimate how critical it is to engage a specialist hotel consulting firm. The end result of this is a badly planned project that will ultimately require changes along the path to completion that will come at a significant cost to the owner.

As part of our technical services and pre-opening support services, we will be working closely with the project manager, architect, consultancy team, designers and project team, in every aspect to ensure a precise pre-opening workflow that will guarantee the original plans are translated into an operational reality with striking efficiency.

As a privately owned independent group, Lagundi Hospitality is not handicapped by tradition or policy and can move quickly to help owners successfully complete their hotel on time and on budget.

The team of professionals at Lagundi Hospitality is your perfect partners to take your ideas and turn them into fully a working and effective reality. We stand ready to take you through every stage of the development & construction process.

  • Signing Technical Services agreement with Lagundi Hospitality
  • Design/Construction Permit – 16- 24 months
  • Market research and financial analysis – 12 months
  • Technical services for construction – full duration
  • Signing the management contract with Lagundi Hospitality
  • Sales & marketing contracts – travel wholesalers, tour groups, and negotiated company rates
  • Pre-opening Sales and marketing promotions
  • Building website and on-line distribution
  • Set up operational departments, Finance, HR, ect
  • Hiring of GM
  • Hiring department head and sales team
  • Hiring the staff

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